What Drives Us

Me Cure is a leading human therapeutics company in the pharmaceutical industry in Lagos, Nigeria. For more than a decade, the company has tapped the power of new technology and innovation to advance the practice of medicine.

Me Cure pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in technology and launched the pharmaceutical industry’s first tablet in a capsule formulation called Liquitab Floatcap. Today, as a leading healthcare company serving millions of patients, Me Cure continues to be an entrepreneurial, technology‐driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight everyday illness.

Our manufacturing network is continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in our supply chain. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically-advanced distribution facilities. These facilities allow us to deliver new products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity. This ensures that we can consistently deliver best-in-class products. Our customers know that their end-consumers are receiving high-quality healthcare and wellness pharmaceuticals.

The core and success of our continuous drive for excellence is expressed in the values of our global team. Their commitment and sense of responsibility are derived from the awareness that every product that we make will affect another person’s health. And health is the cornerstone of our dedication to making life better.

Me Cure, is committed to supporting initiatives that improve the communities where we operate, provide better access to care for patients, and improve patient outcomes by supporting research that will advance scientific knowledge about our products to generate new medical interventions.

Me Cure's Quality Control (QC) team ensures the delivery of high standard products by conducting step by step review. QC, as a centre of excellence, ensures compliance and follows systematic interventions like streamlining SOPs around critical quality parameters, bullet-proofing complex procedures and targeted capacity building.

We believe in

  • Innovation, by the introduction of new ideas, methods, & invention.
  • Integrity by being honest and by always having high moral & principles.
  • Accountability by being responsible for the effects of your actions, and being willing to explain or be criticized for them.

Every single product that rolls out of our factories has our guarantee of world-class quality.

Our Mission

"To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around Nigeria, through the creation of innovative generic and specialty pharmaceutical drugs and innovative delivery systems."

Our Vision

"Enriching Lives through Innovation in Pharmaceuticals"


We are committed to increasing access to high quality healthcare for people across Nigeria, at every stage of life. We do this by developing, producing and marketing affordable generic drugs as well as innovative and specialty pharmaceuticals.

OTC Medicines

Me Cure's OTC business provides branded products that are intended to prevent illness and promote well-being. These products are part of the increasing shift from treatment to prevention among consumers. This movement is a reflection of people living longer lives, while at the same time expecting continued high quality of life.

Branded Generics

Me Cure’s exceptional integration of generics enables us to generate a robust pipeline of high-value medicines, with an emphasis on branded generics. Our capabilities have expanded to include tablets, capsules, liquids.

Dietary Supplements

Our superior level of nutraceutical experience is our core competence. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and technology to produce products that exceed expectations, and we leverage that experience to offer our customers the highest quality solutions.

Our Achievements


Incorporated as a private limited liability company in Nigeria


Introduced Tropical Pack as the first local producer in Nigeria


Diversified into manufacturing Dry Syrup and medications of Oral Liquid


Introduction of Unit Dosage System from Sarong, Italy


Became one of the largest manufacturers of formulation of Ampicillin Cloxacillin locally and globally


In house product development of 200+ prescription chronic & acute medications


Introduction of Youthberry. Marketed HelloDoc App – a community recognising and promoting the welfare of doctors in Nigeria


ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in process


Samir Udani

Chairman Founder, MeCure. 35 years industry experience. B.Sc, Chemistry & Physics, Food Science, from Mumbai University and University Institute of Chemical Technology respectively. Healthcare Business Man of the Year in Nigeria, 2009

Arjun Udani

Co-CEO (Finance and Accounts, Logistics, Procurement and Stores) 12 years industry experience. Ex General Manager, Renaissance Life Science, Mumbai. B.sc, Business Management, Mumbai University, India. Advanced Project Management, Stanford University, California

Dukor Anderline

Co-CEO (Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Quality Control & Assurance and Human Resources) Superintendent Pharmacist, Chief Regulatory Officer, MeCure. Ex Regulatory Affairs Officer, Renaissance Pharmaceuticals. 23 years pharmaceutical experience. MSc, Clinical Pharmacy, University of Lagos, 2015. B.Pharm, Pharmacy, University of Nigeria, 1992

Ayotunde Owoigbe

Partner, Banwo&Ighodalo (Independent Director) Chairman, Capital Market Solicitors Association. 19 years legal experience LLB, University of Lagos, 2000. Member, Nigerian Bar Association, 2001

Chidi Okoro

Independent Director Previously worked as a senior executive with Emzor and Glaxosmithkline Nigeria Plc (CEO) 30 years’ experience across sales and pharmaceuticals Masters, IE Business School MBA, Marketing, University of Lagos B.Pharm Pharmacy, University of Nigeria

Dr. Ajie Obi

Executive Director Lead, Pharmacovigilance Officer, MeCure.B.Sc, Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) from University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. Masters in Pharmacology from University of Lagos. Previously worked as lecturer at Lagos State University (LUTH)

Anaje Felix Emeka

Director Sales & Marketing (Executive) B.Sc, Biochemistry, NnamdiAzikiwe University Masters, Business Administration, Ladoke Akintola University Experienced across: Sales and Marketing


Non-Executive Director B.Sc. & M.Sc. Biochemistry, M. Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Masters International Law & Diplomacy, Ph.D. Biochemistry, Forensic DNA analysis(Sorenson Forensics, Utah, USA) Advance DNA analysis (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Quantico, Maryland, USA)

Executive Team

Arjun Udani

Co-CEO (Finance and Accounts, Logistics, Procurement and Stores) 12 years industry experience. Ex General Manager, Renaissance Life Science, Mumbai. B.sc, Business Management, Mumbai University, India. Advanced Project Management, Stanford University, California

Dukor Anderline

Co-CEO (Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Quality Control & Assurance and Human Resources) Superintendent Pharmacist, Chief Regulatory Officer, MeCure. Ex Regulatory Affairs Officer, Renaissance Pharmaceuticals. 23 years pharmaceutical experience. MSc, Clinical Pharmacy, University of Lagos, 2015. B.Pharm, Pharmacy, University of Nigeria, 1992

Ifedamola F. Oluwasegun

CFO/Senior Vice President, Finance Msc. Finance, Accounting and Management, Bradford School of Management UK 13 years’ experience in Commercial Banking, Trade Finance, E-commerce and Investment Banking Started his professional career with Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Previously worked as a Trade finance officer in Access Bank Plc Led an e-commerce firm Nokkubo.com as Head of Business Strategy and Development. Prior to joining MeCure Industries was Head, financial advisory at Platform Capital Investment Partners.

Nitesh Gupta

Chief Operating Officer Former plant manager at Purna Pharmaceutical Limited. Has 27 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience. B.Sc, Pharmaceutical sciences MSc, Pharmaceutical sciences. Experienced across: Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Business and Operations management

Anaje Felix Emeka

Director Sales & Marketing (Executive) B.Sc, Biochemistry, NnamdiAzikiwe University Masters, Business Administration, Ladoke Akintola University Experienced across: Sales and Marketing

Sameep More

Chief Technology Officer Responsible of infrastructure & efficient running of IT operations. Over 12 years experience in leading design and development of large-scale software solutions. B.Eng, Mumbai University, India, 2007. Experienced across: Solutions design and development

Bhanubhai Patel

Chief Quality Control Officer Over 44 years of experience in quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. Former General Manager/ Assistant Technical Manager at Konark Research Foundation. B.Sc, Chemistry, South Gujarat University. A member of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. Experienced across: Quality control and assurance

Kemi Ipinnaye

Head, Human Resource Group A graduate of English and Literature and a professional fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM). Over 10 years experience in strategic human resourse management, business process re-engineering, strategy formulation and execution and business growth.

Shailesh Darji

Chief Accounting Officer Bachelors of Accounting & Finance (BAF), University of Bombay. Member of the Indian Accounting Association. Over 30 years of experience in accounting and analytics. Extensive business experience and strategic knowledge in the pharmaceutical space

Manufacturing and Distribution Strategy

Existing manufacturing facility, located in Oshodi Lagos, is space and capacity constrained with no room for further growth. The plant is c.100,000 sq ft

Be a part of the success story

We are looking for employees whose backgrounds and skill sets are as diverse as the brands that we nurture and grow.

Along with a fast-paced, informal work environment, Me Cure offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Me Cure is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We affirm the right of every person to participate in all aspects of employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or status with regard to public assistance, or other protected classifications.

We foster team work and seek individuals that are creative and dedicated to our corporate philosophy. Twelve years of product development, dedication and innovation; support the entrepreneurial work, we pride at Me Cure.


What is a Listing by Introduction?

A Listing by Introduction means that all the issued and fully paid-up shares of Me Cure Industries Plc (‘the Company’’ or ‘Me Cure Industries’) will be listed on the Standard Segment of the Growth Board of NGX Exchange without any additional shares being issued. From this point, all Me Cure Industries’ shareholders will be able to trade their shares on the Growth Board of NGX Exchange and members of the public can purchase shares in the Company.

How can I find more information about the Listing by Introduction?

Information about the Listing by Introduction can be found on the investor relations section of the Me Cure Industries website Click here for more...

Are new shares being issued by Me Cure Industries?

No. Me Cure Industries is neither issuing new shares nor raising additional capital. The existing shares are only being listed and made available for trading.

How was the listing price determined?

Prior to the Listing by Introduction, there was no public trading market for the ordinary shares of the Company. A valuation analysis and a pricing memorandum were prepared by our financial advisers to provide guidance for the listing price.

Is there a listing approval procedure for the Listing by Introduction?

Yes. The listing approval procedures for a Listing by Introduction are the same as those for Initial Public Offerings and it can be found on the website of the NGX; here.

Is Me Cure Industries Plc a public company?

Yes. Me Cure Industries Plc (previously called Me Cure Industries Limited) was incorporated on March 16, 2005 and became a public company on October 27, 2022.

Does Me Cure Industries Plc intend to undertake a share offer in the future?

The Board of Me Cure will consider all financing options in line with its strategic objectives and when market conditions are conducive.

How can I find out the price of Me Cure’s shares?

You can find out the share price on the Company’s website (www.mecure.com) and daily equity pricelist from stockbrokers.

When can we invest in shares of Me Cure Industries?

Once the shares are listed on the standard segment of the Growth Board of NGX Exchange, existing shareholders can trade their shares and prospective investors can buy.

What is the ticker symbol for Me Cure Industries Plc on the Growth Board of NGX Exchange?

The Company’s symbol ticker is MECURE.

Do you have a dividend policy and what does it entail?

Payment of dividends is dependent on several key factors, including our future strategic plans and capital expenditure initiatives. The Company will share a dividend policy when available.

Who is Me Cure Industries Registrar?

Cordros Registrar provides registrar services to Me Cure Industries Plc.

Is Cordros regulated by an independent body?

Cordros is licensed and monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If you have any enquiries regarding your Me Cure share records or future corporate actions, please send an email to [insert email of registrar] and the Registrar will address your concerns accordingly.

Buying, Selling or Transferring Shares

What is a share?

A share represents part ownership in a company. A shareholder of a public company may enjoy dividends from the company’s profits, participate in its share price performance, and have the right to vote at its shareholder meetings.

As a shareholder, you are one of the owners of the company and the number of shares you hold, in proportion to the total number of the Company’s issued shares, is a measure of how much of the company you own.

How do I buy or sell shares?

You can buy or sell shares of Me Cure Industries Plc through the service of a stockbroker.

I have bought/sold shares recently but there is no change to my CSCS account

It takes three days for shares traded on the floor of the NGX Exchange to be settled. If you have bought or sold shares through a stockbroker, this triggers a process at CSCS, to ensure a successful delivery of your shares. On the third day after the trade was done [T+3], CSCS will send instructions to the Registrar to amend their records. This is the date on which shares and money are exchanged in the market and is known as the ‘settlement date’. If there is still no change to your CSCS account after this day, please contact your Stockbroker for further assistance.

Me Cure Industries Lists on NGX’s Growth Exchange.

Lagos, Nigeria - 08 November 2023 – Me Cure Industries Plc (“Me Cure Industries” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful listing of its shares on the Growth Board of The Nigerian Exchange Limited (“NGX” or “The Exchange”). Me Cure Industries is a pharmaceutical company with a track record of enhancing service and product delivery across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry value chain.

Me Cure Industries has satisfied the listing requirements of the Nigerian Exchange Limited and obtained all relevant regulatory approvals. We are now listed in the pharmaceutical sector of the Exchange, with the ticker “MECURE”. A total of 4,000,000,000 (Four Billion) ordinary shares were admitted to trading, representing the total issued share capital of the Company, with one of the largest market capitalisation on the Standard Segment of the NGX’s Growth Board.

Commenting on the listing, the Chairman and Founder, Mr Samir Udani said "The approval to list on the Growth Board of the Nigerian Exchange Limited marks a significant milestone in the journey to achieving our strategic expansion goals and healthy contribution to the national economy through continued reduction of the nation's dependency on import as the primary medium of access to pharmaceutical products."

“By listing on the Nigerian Exchange Limited, we will gain more visibility and expand our reach, thus attracting new investors and strengthening relationships with existing ones," said Mrs Anderline Dukor, Co-CEO of Me Cure. "In addition to delivering value to shareholders, we are excited about the opportunities ahead."

Mr Arjun Udani, Co-CEO of Me Cure Industries, also added, "The listing marks a new beginning for us as a Company; as it resonates with our commitment to saving lives through innovation and enhancing the health of our consumers by delivering high-quality products, while we maintain sustainable growth of the Company”.


Investors and Analysts

Ifedamola Oluwasegun
Chief Financial officer

Investor Relations Advisers
Værdi Investor Relations
Oluyemisi Lanre-Phillips

About Me Cure Industries Plc

Me Cure Industries is a company principally in the business of manufacturing drugs in Nigeria under two categories namely pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. In the pursuit of its primary objective, it adopts the use of modern-day technology and expertise care in services to restore health and save lives through its diverse solutions.

For over a decade, Me Cure has developed a reputation for quality and is trusted by its stakeholders (customers, distributors, suppliers, shareholders, employees, etc.). Growth has been demonstrated through historical revenue and market share growth, backed by an experienced management team with over 150 years’ experience across multiple disciplines with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

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